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Elementary School - Grades K-5

Welcome to the Elementary School

At IPA, we offer a child-centered program. Our aim is to provide a multi-sensorial program that engages the children constantly in their own learning allowing each to discover – and to understand – by actively doing. We are a community of learners who believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor and that the joy and excitement of learning must begin early in life. We place a high premium on developing the desire in our students to become critical thinkers and independent, lifelong learners. Our program is driven always by what is best for children.

IPA provides developmentally appropriate opportunities for children to grow academically, creatively, physically and socially. We assist our students in realizing their potential by promoting academic achievement, character development, self-reliance, self-confidence and independent thought.  We provide a well-developed, interdisciplinary curriculum which understands and responds to the needs of each child in a developmentally appropriate way. Our classrooms are student-centered learning environments where children are encouraged to face challenges, learn through experimentation, and think critically in order to become individuals who are imaginative, independent and self-reliant.

Our focus on all 3 R’s, Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships, sets the foundation for our unique program.  As an independent school, providing a rigorous educational program gives the students the skills and conceptual understandings to help them to be successful in their world.  Students also receive Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Science, Mandarin, Olelo and Engineering instruction. A relevant program helps students to make connections with what they are learning.  Students participate in experiences that given them real life experience, allowing them to purposefully practice skills and learn concepts in context. A sense of place, being on Oʻahu in Hawaiʻi, also gives context to much of their learning. Having caring adults that truly know and appreciate them positively impacts their learning and achievements.

As a faculty we are committed to an evolutionary model of education that changes to meet the needs of our dynamic community. We continually review and refine our curriculum, as we believe deep understanding and transformative learning happen when teachers work closely with students to inquire, engage and create.

With much aloha,

Steve Ross
Elementary Principal

Steve Ross

Steve Ross

Elementary Principal
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Grade 2 students proudly showing their work


Grade 2 Celebrates Community

Grade 2 students researched & prepared a presentation describing the significance of their name, the country with which they most associate, and a personal paragraph describing what makes them a unique member of their community. They shared their projects at the Cultural Fair.