15 Years of Service: Eileen Novak

Eileen Novak

Everyone at ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY knows Ms. Eileen – either through a campus tour or a conversation about after-school classes or help with financial aid or chatting with her at her desk in the Elementary office years ago. Eileen Novak joined ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY as a part-time Elementary classroom assistant on January 10, 2005. Over the past 15 years, she has also served as Elementary office manager and Admissions Assistant, and is currently the Director of Admission and Director of Summer School and After-school Enrichment. She is one of seven current IPA faculty and staff members who are celebrating their 15th year of service.

Every family who has joined IPA since 2014 has gotten to know Novak through the admission process. She is the friendly one who answered all your questions, took you on a tour around campus, arranged for a day visit for your child, and welcomed you at the new parents’ reception.

But her service at IPA really started on September 13, 2004, the day she walked her daughter, Rachel, into her first day of Kindergarten at a brand new school. It was one of Novak’s most memorable moments from the past 15 years and she is very proud to be one of IPA’s founding families.

Before she started working at IPA, Novak was one of many parent volunteers who spent time in the classroom helping out.

“I actually started as a ‘Mom volunteer’ helping the kindergarten class,” remembers Novak. “We moms helped walk the students to Kapolei Park for PE because the Secondary building was under construction.”

Back then, parents were invited to help with lunch duty, and Novak also volunteered to supervise the little learners during lunch time so the teachers could take a lunch break.

Novak was hired by Dr. White in January 2005 to be a part-time classroom assistant in Elementary, helping with specials classes like Art and Spanish, while continuing to volunteer with her daughter’s class. She continued in that role until fall 2006, when she became the full-time Elementary Office Manager. She stayed in that position until 2014, when she joined the Admission team as the Admissions Assistant. In 2017, she moved up into her current position as Director of Admission.

In addition to all those positions, Novak was also responsible for creating IPA’s Summer and after school programs, for which she still serves as the Director.
“In 2006, Dan [White] asked me to develop an after school care program and enrichment classes,” recalls Novak. “I did both, and managed both, and still do to this day.”Everyone who knows

Novak also knows that she loves the students and gets to know them well. Watching the students graduate at every commencement ceremony is a proud moment for her – and there have been 11 of them so far.

“Seeing the students grow and reach their potential really inspires me to be part of IPA,” shares Novak. “As a staff member, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to be there for many of the students to provide help and guidance when they’ve needed it.”

“IPA is a school that allows each child to follow their own passion because the teachers and staff really know each child,” says Novak. “That’s something special that sets IPA apart.”

Mahalo nui, Eileen, for all your years of dedicated service to the students at ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY, and congratulations on 15 years!


Eileen Novak (far right) having fun bowling with IPA faculty and staff in 2008.

Eileen Novak (far right) having fun bowling with IPA faculty and staff in 2008.


Eileen Novak and daughter, Rachel '17.

Eileen Novak in 2015 with daughter, Rachel ’17.


Eileen Novak directs an IPA student ambassador and prospective family at the IPA Open House in 2017.


Eileen Novak and Shannon Vasilash working together at IPA’s Grand Expedition – Tokyo in 2017.


Eileen Novak talks to Kindergarten parents at the Ready for Kindergarten orientation in 2018.

Eileen Novak talks to Kindergarten parents at the Ready for Kindergarten orientation in 2018.


Eileen Novak welcomes parents at the New Parents' Reception in 2019.

Eileen Novak welcomes parents at the New Parents’ Reception in 2019.



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