15 Years of Service: Stan Vincent

Stan Vincent

When Stan Vincent attended that first organizational meeting in 2003 for a new school in Kapolei, he probably couldn’t have imagined that he, and his wife Kerri, would be celebrating 15 years of service in 2020. Vincent joined ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY as the Middle school science teacher on July 20, 2005, at a time when the Upper school division – and even the Secondary building – didn’t even exist. Over the past 15 years, his teaching responsibilities have grown to include Upper school science, and he is one of seven current IPA faculty and staff members who are celebrating their 15th year of service.

Vincent’s wife, Kerri, actually started working at IPA about a year before him, as the Elementary office manager.

“Stan came home with a folder full of stuff about the school. I read through it and thought ‘Wow, this is pretty cool’ and wondered if I could work there too,” shares Vincent. She applied, and joined the school as the Elementary office manager in July, 2004.

For Vincent, being a part of helping to build the school into what it is today is something he counts as one of his proudest moments.

“Watching the Secondary building get built from the ground up was really something,” shares VIncent. “I remember helping to carry science cabinets to the third floor science rooms with [Secondary Principal] James Nelligan on the day before the doors opened. I knew then that we were a real high school.”

Vincent, like all faculty members, is involved in more than just teaching at IPA. He has served as IPA’s head coach for girls’ and boys’ varsity volleyball for 14 years. This beloved and humble long-time head coach has led the lady Navigators to four ILH Division III championships (2012, 2014, 2018, 2019), and earned the honor of ILH Division III Coach of the Year.

And, of course, he is known for his always much-anticipated senior boys’ hula at IPA’s annual May Day celebration. Every IPA senior male student has cast a net, flexed their muscles, and rubbed their ‘ōpū in the special hula led by Vincent, to the enjoyment of everyone in the audience.

It is those meaningful relationships with his students that inspire this dedicated educator every day.

“The students inspire me. If they are not your number one priority then you’re in the wrong job,” reflects Vincent. “Whether it’s a science lesson or a volleyball practice, I still like to have fun with them. They are what gets me excited those mornings it’s hard to get going.”

Through it all, Vincent holds most important those core values put forth by Dr. Dan White, founding headmaster – generosity of spirit, power of human kindness, respect.

“Most teachers would brag about their schools’ great academics and rigor of classes or even athletic successes, but for me it’s the values that we promote,” shares Vincent. “It’s one of the first things visitors notice about our campus. This was the original vision by Dr. Dan White. That’s the legacy of IPA – great students always trying to help.”

Mahalo nui, Stan, for all your years of dedicated service to the students at ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY, and congratulations on 15 years!


Stan Vincent and James Nellligan during building construction

Stan Vincent and James Nelligan (Secondary Principal) having fun in the newly constructed Secondary building.


Teacher judging science fair project with student

Stan Vincent talking with a middle school student about his science project during the IPA Middle School Science Fair.


Volleyball coach on the sidelines.

Stan Vincent coaching the IPA varsity boys’ volleyball team during a match.


Girls' varsity volleyball team photo

Head Coach Stan Vincent with the 2019-2020 girls’ varsity volleyball team.


Senior boys dancing hula

Stan Vincent leading the senior boys in their annual May Day hula.


Teacher surrounded by students

IPA class of 2019 honoring Stan Vincent before the commencement ceremony.



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