Grades 9-12

Upper School

The Secondary Program, serving students in grades 6-12, is designed to support the needs of our students as they navigate adolescence and prepare for post-secondary study. Research-based, developmentally appropriate practice informs curricular decisions and facilitates emotional, social, and ethical growth in our learners. The Secondary Program encompasses the Middle School program for students grades 6-8 and the Upper School program for students in grades 9-12, including the IB Diploma Program for grades 11-12.

Students in grades 11-12 participate in the IB Diploma program, in which the curriculum, teaching and learning is based in IB content and methodology. Students choose their own independent path to graduation depending on interest, choice and aptitude.

While all students participating in the IB Diploma program will graduate with an IPA diploma and are exposed to rigorous teaching and learning, students may take IB or AP external exams for college credit or take advantage of the full IB Diploma, which also comes with a variety of benefits. Ultimately, we prepare students to be successful and competitive in whichever field they choose to embark upon.