Student posters hanging on stairs.

Grade 3 Students Learn Hands-On About Democracy With Spirit Week Election

Grade 3 students have been working on their Democracy, Presidents, and Media units of inquiry, and are practicing what theyʻve learned by organizing an election to determine the theme for one day of Spirit Week.… more w

Container garden hanging on fence

Elementary Students Create a Sustainable Container Garden Rainbow on Campus

What started as a Grade 5 design project in sustainability and gardening evolved to include all of the Elementary grades and resulted in the beautiful rainbow of container gardens hanging along the campus fence in… more w

Group photo.

IPA Certified as Blue Zones Project School and Worksite

ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY celebrated being certified as a Blue Zones Project School and Worksite on Wednesday, November 25, becoming the very first school in the Kapolei area to receive certification as both a school and a worksite.

Student dropping off cards

Aloha for Patients

It’s always good to spread aloha! That’s why IPA Elementary students showed their support for their community by creating cards and messages for the patients at some of our local hospitals who can’t receive patients because of COVID-19.

Grade 5 students at Colonial Williamsburg.

History Comes to Life for Grade 5 Students in Washington, DC

History came to life for a group of 16 IPA Grade 5 students when they traveled to Washington, D.C. with their teachers, Joe Villaluz, Terry Fuller, and me, Lisa Lariscy. Their experiences on the trip helped them answer the Grade 5 Project Based Learning (PBL) question, “How do we as artists create a museum experience that connects our community with the people and events of the American Revolution?”