Fall Family Movie Night
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Thank you to everyone who came out to IPAPA’s Fall Family Movie Night, an all-volunteer event by families and friends of IPA. We loved seeing the enjoyment of the costume contests, games, food, chili cook-off, movie on the lawn and Trunk-or-Treat.

Our sincere appreciation to the many amazing families who enthusiastically participated in Trunk-or-Treat, Costume Contests and Chili Cook-off, IPA volunteer and donor families, as well as Faculty, Staff and Students who joined in to help.

Through these collective efforts, we raised close to $13,000 in support of IPA Student Clubs and other initiatives while gathering together the families of our IPA community. 
Have an idea to make the next event more enjoyable? Get involved with IPAPA! Please email us at [email protected]. We look forward to more families joining the fun at next year’s event! 
Mahalo for your support,
The IPAPA Board

A big mahalo to the following for their generous donations:

Team Lally Real Estate
Briana Lucas-Kawata
Akana 'Ohana
Kiana Ganancial
Doug & Kerstin Alston
Keun Pak
Russell Harada
Juhyung Lee
Jessica Swartz
Mary Watson
Krstina Donato
Lesli Dacuycuy

IPA Administration, Faculty & Staff

(Gerald Teramae, Ruby Fernandez, Katherine Jones, Kent Nakata and More)

IPA Advancement Team

(Marsha Castillo, Tricia Murata, Ka'i'ini Aranaydo and Scott Schumaker)

IPA Facility

(Mike Armstrong and Team)

We are so grateful to these IPA families & friends who shared their resources, time and talent:

Chili Cook-Off
Marised Gillette (Committee Lead)
Lezli Dacuycuy
Kevin Dacuycuy
Mary Watson
Jessica Swartz
Kristina Donato

Kerstin Alston (Committee Leads)
Koren Tan (Committee Leads)
Lynn Lambert (Committee Leads)

Costume Contest
Trevor Davis (Committee Lead)
Mitchell “Bobo” Miles (Kumu Bobo)
Melanie Erice (Ms. Mel)

Overall Event
Officer Jennifer Bugarin
Officer Jon Nguyen
Laura Fleming (Wonderful MC!)
Mastra Laura and La Cocina
Project Grad (Ruby Taaca & Shannon Vasilash)
Katie Waid
Michelle Steinberg
Heavenly Treats
Sean Alforte
Josette Dudoit

…and all the other wonderful families who added their support!

Chili Cook-Off Volunteers:

Judges Volunteers
Kerry Finnegan
Sandi Hamm
Sam Kalei
Olivia Lin
Ka'i'ini Aranaydo

Teamlally Real Estate
Jessica Swartz
Mary Watson
Kristina Donato
Lezli Dacuycuy

Chili Cook-Off Contestants
Nadine and Layla Ganir – People's Choice Award
Thomas Hussy
Alissa Mckinley
Logen and Linda Fujikawa
Swan Schaardt – Best Decoration Award
Maricel Wymer
Kiana Logeman
Mark Ashley Faukner
Anna Steel
Jaclyn Rideau
Andrea Jeter – Grand Prize Winner Judge's Favorite
Amanda P Cambra
Yvette Nani Uekawa

Trunk-or-Treat Winners

Grand prize Judge’s Choice: Minecraft

People’s Choice: Mermaid

People’s Choice Runner up: Beetlejuice

Costume Contest Winners

Family/Group: Kelii Ohana

Gr. 6-9: Gr 8 Wakefield Wonacott

Gr. 10-12: Gr 9 Val Aragon

Gr. 3-5: Gr 5 Rhys Okimoto

Gr. K-2: TBA