Navigating Reopening Plan

Navigating Reopening Plan

(UPDATED 09/21)

Aloha Students and Families of ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY,

I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe under these trying times and feelings of uncertainty. We have been so looking forward to in-person teaching and learning to begin on our campus while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our entire school community. I say this with great sincerity that our faculty and staff have greatly missed seeing our students on campus and being able to have in-person teaching and learning happen at our school.

At this time, I would like to share with you our most recent efforts with our Navigating Reopening Plan (Version 2.0) which was developed through a collaborative effort of our dedicated and committed faculty, staff and administrators at IPA as well as recommendations and guidelines from the CDC and the Hawaii Department of Health. IPA’s Navigating Reopening Plan (Version 2.0) will continue to support and enrich our school’s vision and mission statements that are the core focus of our teaching, learning and
educational efforts. Our Navigating Reopening Plan (Version 2.0) will also implement our best efforts to be cognizant and proactive to the safety and health of our entire school community. This plan will provide you with helpful information, guidelines and protocols about what students and families can expect when they return to school on Monday, September 28, 2020.

Our major priority for the 2020-21 school year will be to align our school’s primary focus of teaching and learning with the specific health directives and conditions in the State of Hawaii during the 2020-21 school year. Our secondary priority, but equally important, will be to provide our majority of the teaching and learning opportunities for our students, to happen on our campus with safety and health priorities in place, to assure the well-being of our students, teachers, staff and administrators.

The continued uncertainty of the Coronavirus situation will require our school community to be flexible and adaptable to the quickly changing Coronavirus situation and conditions. As a school community, we are all in this Coronavirus situation together. I am very confident that we will come out of this situation as a more unified and focused educational organization that will continue to place the academic, social and emotional needs of our students at the forefront of our efforts, while continuing to ensure the safety
and health of all who are an essential part of our school community.

As the first day of in-person teaching and learning gets closer, further updates and information will be sent to you, if needed via email, for this option of teaching and learning, as Distance Learning will still be provided to students and families who elect to remain with this teaching and learning option. Our Administration will also be planning virtual divisional parent meetings for the Elementary and Secondary divisions. Mr. Ross, our Elementary Principal and Dr. Sato, our Secondary Principal, will facilitate these divisional virtual meetings.

On behalf of the teachers, staff and administrators at Island Pacific Academy, please stay well, be safe and thank you very much for your trust, belief, patience and support for our school’s efforts to provide your child with a quality independent school education. We are excited and enthusiastic about seeing our students on campus on Monday, September 28, 2020.

Gerald Teramae
Head of School