You can make wishes come true! Our wish list contains items which we are not able to include in our annual budget at this time, but which will enhance our program, update or increase access to technology for students, or make tasks easier and more efficient for our staff. The wish list changes periodically, as some needs are filled and other needs arise. Check back often to see how you might help!

To fulfill a wish, please contact Advancement Department by email advancement@ipahawaii.org.

Landscape Maintenance Items

The Facilities staff can always make use of the following items: 4-stroke (lawnmower) oil; 2-stroke (chainsaw, line trimmer) oil; safety items (gloves, eye protection, etc.) for large groups of volunteers to use; spray bottles; paint rollers.


Items like these will supplement the Facilities staff inventory. It is particularly handy to have these items on-hand during volunteer work days. If you have questions about what to donate, please contact Shannon Vasilash at svasilash@ipahawaii.org

Adobe InDesign CS6 Software

Desktop publishing and design software (5 licenses needed)


Journalism and Yearbook staff use


Ukuleles (new or used, in good condition) may be donated to the school. Cost will vary depending on the quality and size of the ukulele.


Students in the Secondary music program will play these ukuleles

Potting Soil

Bags of general use POTTING SOIL 8qt-64qt, cost will vary depending on the size of bag. Available at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, City Mill, Lowe’s, and many other stores. Call 674-3523, ask for Facilities to coordinate drop-off.


The Facilities staff will use the potting soil to repot/refresh the soil of various potted plants on the campus. Please contact Shannon Vasilash at svasilash@ipahawaii.org for more information if needed.

Mahalo for Granting an IPA Wish!

The Vasilash Family
Saddle back stapler
Gail Kaneshiro-Carbonel
Digiscope DS-300
Blaire Harms
Flip Camcorder
The Carbonel Family
Dremel Rotary Tool Kit
Jan & Mitch Andrews
Dremel Tool & Dremel Accessory Kit
Michelle Fuller
Science Books
Deb Cullison
Carpet Shampoo/Cleaner
Mr. Yuell Chandler
12" tabletop drill press
The Carbonel Family
10" Bandsaw
Steve Ross
Ukukele for Secondary Division
The Shon Family
Wagon/Utility Cart (folding)
Garden Pruning Shears - Hand size
Jacalyn Oda and Wendell Tom in memory of Hannah M. H. Tom
Ukuleles for the Primary Division