Grade 7 Students Help Rising Sixth Graders Navigate Middle School

If I only knew then what I know now… Grade 7 students are giving next year’s incoming Grade 6 students the knowledge they wish they had as new middle schoolers with virtual tours they created of the Secondary building.

“The students used the design thinking process to create virtual tours of the building. Following the five steps of design thinking, the students first empathized with their audience,” shared Jenna Butts, Secondary Design Technology teacher. “They did this by interviewing Grade 6 students about their experiences as they transitioned from Elementary to Middle school this year.”

The design tech students then defined the problem by thinking about areas the rising middle schoolers might find difficult to navigate in the building. The students ideated and designed blueprints of how they might redesign the Secondary building to address and resolve the issues identified as problem areas.

For their prototypes, they scripted, directed, and then recorded their tours on their iPads. The rough cuts of their virtual video tours were then tested with fellow classmates for feedback, which they incorporated into their final videos.

During the Grade 5 students’ orientation to Middle school last month, the Design Tech students had a chance to share their virtual videos with the students they created them for.