Secondary Learning Support

The Secondary Counseling Department assists students to create a balance between academic, social, and personal matters by increasing self-awareness, stress management skills, study and organizational skills, conflict resolution, and more.

Academic, personal, and social matters are interconnected facets that play an important role during adolescence, each component is equally important when examining the path to success. Supporting every student takes teamwork, motivation, and the willingness to step outside the norm when necessary.

The Secondary Counseling Department seeks to be an integral part of this team by providing students, teachers, administration, and parents with the appropriate resources and care so that each student can be successful and feel gratified in school, as well as in life.

Students, teachers, and parents may request and access services through walk-ins, referrals, and by appointments. Whether there is a pressing issue or there is uncertainty that services would be appropriate, let’s figure that out and work together to support each other.

headshot of Gerika Kaopua

Gerika Kaopua

Secondary Student Support Counselor

Phone: (808) 674-3523 X542

[email protected]

headshot of Christine Farias

Christine Farias

Middle School Counselor

Phone: (808) 674-3523 X592

[email protected]