Learning Support

The purpose of the Elementary School Counseling program is to equip students in Grades K – 5 with learning strategies and opportunities that will promote success throughout their early development. The program supports students within all aspects of their lives by providing the tools that will lead individuals toward academic and social/emotional success both currently and in the future.

The Elementary School Counselor is here to help students set specific academic and social/emotional goals, feel good about themselves, manage their feelings, adjust to a new school, and much more.

Throughout the year services will be provided to students such as Classroom Guidance lessons which are often theme-based, Group meetings, Individual meetings, and Brief Solution-focused problem-solving. These services are essential to removing any barriers that will interfere with overall academic and social/emotional success.

Headshot of Courtney Bailey

Courtney Bailey

Elementary Counselor

Phone: (808) 674-3573

[email protected]