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Since our founding in 2004, ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY has been dedicated to empowering the each student by providing a supportive and challenging learning environment in which students can be themselves and explore a wide range of interests. At IPA, students come first in everything we do, and the meaningful relationships provided by our faculty and staff give students the confidence to take risks and to find success in every opportunity. The diversity of thought, culture, and background at IPA promotes a community of respect and friendship.

IPA’s dedication to continual improvement, including our use of technology in the classroom and our advisory programs, enables us to provide the very best educational experience for our students’ preparation for college and the ever-changing global environment. From the thematic approach in the Lower School, to the project-based learning in the Middle School, to the Advanced Placement courses in the Upper School, studies are put into context and applicable to students’ lives so that they can shape their own opinions, make educated decisions about their futures and respond to the world around them.

We encourage prospective families to attend admission events such as open house or student visit days, which are designed to provide broader relations with the IPA community.





Haley Nakamura

Haley Nakamura

Senior, Class of 2019

"I love the size of ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY. Every student gets the opportunity to lead, participate, and pave their own path during their time here. As a student, I feel very empowered to set high goals for myself and pursue them with confidence and support."

Grade 5 boy leaning on a tree trunk in the shade

Noa Yamashiroya

Grade 5, Class of 2026

"I love IPA because my teachers don't only teach me math. They also teach me how to be of high character."

Grade 3 student smiling in playground


Grade 3, Class of 2028

"I like this school because it has a lot of my favorite specials. My favorite subjects are P.E., music, and art."

Zac Tocher

Zac Tocher

Alumni, Class of 2018

"For seven years IPA has been my second home. The sense of camaraderie and benevolence in the community opened my eyes to what a school should be: a safe haven for students where they can feel at ease knowing they will be taken care of by the school and the community."