Girls Volleyball

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Girls' Volleyball

About the Program

Volleyball at ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY is one of our larger, and most successful programs. The number of students interested in participating in our girls’ program is so great that we host multiple teams at the different levels. This year we fielded a girls' Intermediate team and a varsity team.

The Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team has a history of success within the ILH. Most recently, the team completed their 2020-2021 regular season with an undefeated 7-0 record, and winning their third consecutive ILH Division III championship.

2022-2023 Girls' Varsity Volleyball Team
2022-2023 Girls' Varsity Volleyball Team
IPA intermediate girls' volleyball team photo
2022-2023 Girls' Intermediate Volleyball Team
Erinn Abragar

Erinn Abragar

Varsity Volleyball
Head Coach
Stan Vincent

Stan Vincent

Intermediate Volleyball
Head Coach



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