Sporter Air Riflery

About the Program

Sporter Air Riflery is a marksmanship competition in which shooters compete from three different firing positions: prone, kneeling and standing. The IPA Navigators have found great success in the recent years, including the 2017 Hawaiʻi High School Athletic Association State Champion.

While the sport is very different from other high school sports that are offered, the challenge is just as great. This sport takes coordination, muscle and breath control, focus, and everything else the more traditional sports require.

IPA 2022-2023 JV & Varsity Sporter Air Riflery Team
2022-2023 JV and Varsity Sporter Air Riflery Team
Jeff Babas headshot

Jeff Babas

Sporter Air Riflery Head Coach

Mark Cardillo

Sporter Air Riflery Asst Coach

Varsity & JV

Junior Varsity

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For five years, I have been lucky to serve as the Athletic Director at IPA. But all good things must come to an end. Thank you everyone for your endless support. I wish for IPA and their athletes to have all the success as they navigate forward. Mahalo and Hail Navigators Greg

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