IPA 10th Graders Participate in CSI: HPU Cold Case

Five IPA sophomores – Rylyne Bravo, Haley Nakamura, Steven Cleveland, Annie Uesugi, and Michael Murakami –  participated in the CSI: HPU Cold Case event at the Hawaiʻi Pacific University (HPU) Windward campus on Saturday, April 15, 2017. The event, open to HPU and local high school students, was hosted by the HPU College of Criminal Justice as a way to expose students to the possibility of a career in criminal justice.

Participants watched a skit, which set up the crime, then had to interview suspects, sort through evidence using forensics, and use their investigative skills to try to solve a cold case homicide. The live-action story was written by a former Honolulu Police Department homicide detective.

Steven Cleveland (’19) examines the evidence at the CSI: HPU Cold Case event.

Students interview suspect.

Haley Nakamura (’19) and Michael Murakami (’19) interview a suspect at the CSI: HPU Cold Case event.

Students show off raffle prizes.

IPA sophomores show off their raffle prizes at the CSI: HPU Cold Case event.

Andrew Ryan-Marchetto, faculty sponsor for the Class of 2019, presented the extra-curricular opportunity to the sophomore class, and these five eager students were the first to sign up.

“Although our students didn’t correctly identify the perpetrator, they had a great experience and really enjoyed it. They even won one of the raffle prizes! You never know, we may have some future forensic scientists in this group,” he said.