Navigators Take Visitors from Denmark on A Day in the Life of an American Student

ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY’s Upper School recently hosted The International – Academy and Boarding School of Denmark on campus. IPA Student Ambassadors spent time with students from Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Latvia, Germany, Iceland, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Mexico creating a learning environment rich in cultural diversity.

Both IPA and The International share a common goal in shaping their students into global citizens. Danish student Sofos Vakker, who was hosted by Kiana Vasilash ‘24, jumped right into the cultural experience as he joined ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi students in the front of the class during their morning oli, or chant.

“I enjoyed it very much. It was different from what I’ve tried before, so it was fun learning some new stuff and trying to see what American school is like,” shared Sofos.

Kiana, who has taken ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi for five years, helped Sofos along the way as they went around the table introducing themselves in Hawaiian.

“It’s a fun language, sometimes it just sounds very weird, but there’s actually meaning about it and that’s what I really like about it. It’s quite cool,” said Sofos.

Other visiting students had the opportunity to explore some of IPA’s creative courses including Jewelry Making and Visual Arts. In Japanese class, Mexican student Mattias Wolffer, painted a kite with Kamiya Luchetti ‘26. In Ceramics, Taytum Anderson ‘25 and English student Hanna Bush practiced their British and American accents while working on a Power Puff Girl sculpture.

When the IPA students met who they’d be paired with, naturally they were shy at first, but by the end of the school day they shared hugs and handshakes as they sent their new friends off with the spirit of Aloha.