Student Artists Donate Their Work to Gala Fundraiser Auction

Two Island Pacific Academy seniors stepped up and answered the call from the Advancement department to donate artwork for the silent auction held at IPA’s annual fundraising gala in November. Karenna Meyermann ‘23 and Mya Akaka ‘23 didn’t hesitate when they knew that donating their work would support student programs they have benefited from, including the Secondary arts.

“I donated artwork because I thought it would be awesome if someone liked my piece enough to display it in their home,” shared Meyermann, who donated a digital creation printed on canvas, entitled Moon. “I enjoy making art, but don’t really share it that often, so it felt like I was sharing a part of myself.”

For Akana, who donated an acrylic painting titled Lei, it was a thrill to have her art seen by so many people. “With my other pieces of art I usually share them through social media but I’m never really sure how far it goes. When I saw how many people were there to at least see my art I was happy that it was getting exposure.”

Both pieces sold above the opening bids, and Meyermann had the pleasure of hand-delivering her artwork to the buyer during the event.

“I felt proud that someone bought it, and I enjoyed delivering it. They were really sweet and said they ‘fell in love with it’ when they first saw it,” said Meyermann. “I’m glad they liked it and I hope that the buyer looks at the art and enjoys it.”

Akana said she was surprised when her piece sold, and she hopes the buyer enjoys her painting in their home. “It’s important for the community to see what its kids are capable of – the same way sports players promote themselves,” explained Akana. “Our art could one day be what changes the world. It could even be an experience that invokes a realization.”

Meyermann agrees that sharing art with the public is important. “It’s really nice when people come up to you and tell you they liked your art. It shows your art is impacting people positively. You can also influence people with your art, and spread a message you might want to share,” said Meyermann.

“If you have art, share it. Hang it in your room, just don’t leave it for anyone to see. Even if it’s just you seeing it.”