Summer Enrichment in Full Swing

STEM- Robot Gripp'n Tech

Summer is a great time for students to learn a new skill, focus on a talent, make new friends or get an introduction of the grade ahead.   ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY’s 12th Annual Summer Enrichment Program offers a variety of classes.  Class size is limited to ensure students get the most out of their summer experience.

This summer’s STEM education program features a class Robo Gripp’ n Tech. In this class students in grades 5-8 will create different types of robotic arms, hands, and claws and practice grabbing and moving several different objects. Mr.Bailey, our Robotics Instructor, also incorporates  Hawaiian values: akamai – intellect, paʻahana – work hard, laulima – work together, and hoʻokela – striving to do oneʻs best; into the curriculum.

In Cooking Around the World, younger children have the opportunity to learn about different cultures while preparing new foods from these countries.  Each student will leave the program with their own cookbook that they have created.

Students also have fun in our Summer Recreational Academy. This year’s theme is traveling through time and space.  Students explored caveman and dinosaurs this week in different activities.


Robot Gripp'n Tech

Mr. Bailey works with Maxwell, Mya and Samantha on their final projects, Vex IQ ArmBots


STEM- Robot Gripp'n Tech

Samantha and Mya work on a Vex IQ ArmBot in Mr. Bailey’s Robot Gripp’n Tech class.


Cooking Class

John Ryan helps his sister,  Allyson, make chocolate croissants during The Cooking Around the World class.



John Ryan waits for his dessert to cool while Oliver takes a bite of their chocolate croissants.  Bon appetit!


Summer Academy

Kendall  has a blast creating a prehistoric scene out of clay.


Summer Academy

Riley creates a caveman with a club and a torch and a yellow cave out of clay in the Summer Recreational Academy.


Summer Academy

Victoria  and Ronan show off their hula hooping skills during Summer Recreational Academy.

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