Senior-Kinderbuddies Valentine’s Dance Makes Learning Fun

It was hearts galore on Wednesday, February 12, as the Senior-Kinderbuddies celebrated their annual Valentine’s Dance. Everyone was dressed up to get down, and the MPR was transformed into a red and pink Valentine’s Day spectacular with help from the students and parents of the Class of 2021.

For the first time, this year’s dance was tied to the culmination of the Kindergartener’s celebrations unit of inquiry, in which they learned all about celebrations – what different celebrations have in common, special foods, songs, traditions, and the symbolism of light in many celebrations. They learned about New Year’s, birthday, and Thanksgiving celebrations, in addition to Valentine’s Day.

To demonstrate all they had learned, the Kindergarteners planned and organized the Valentine’s Dance for their Senior buddies. The students worked together in different committees – Food, Decorations, and Music – as part of their event planning. The food and music for the dance were selected by the respective committees, and the Decorations committee created posters for the walls, decorations for the chairs, and fun props for the photo booth.

After enjoying snacks together and getting their photos taken in the photo booth, the Kindergarteners and their Senior buddies hit the floor for a little dancing and a lot of laughing. The event was a celebration of the special friendships the Seniors and Kindergarteners share, and was a memorable and engaging experience of authentic learning for the littlest ones.

Senior student with kindergarteners at Valentine's dance

Seniors and kindergarteners dancing in a circle

Photo booth props made by kindergarteners

Senior student with kindergarteners at Valentine's dance

Senior student with kindergartener at Valentine's dance