IPA Athletic Highlights 2014-15

Fall Sports:

Bowling-Varsity-Boys & Girls
Brandi Chun qualified for HHSAA State Championship

Sporter Air Riflery:  Varsity
Ella Axelrod qualified for HHSAA State Championship
Jessica Sato- alternate

Cross Country-IPA-Boys & Girls-Varsity, JV and Intermediate

Frank Condello III 3rd place finish at ILH JV Championships

Tullie St. John -qualified for the HHSAA State Cross Country Championship
All Stars-  Tullie St. John- ILH 1st Team


John Black- All ILH 1st Team
Aaryn Villamor- All ILH Honorable Mention

Volleyball-IPA Girls—all three levels
Varsity-Division III— ILH Div III Champions
-ILH Girls Volleyball Player of the Year- JC Hitzeman
-ILH All-Stars First Team—Shaina Duran,
-ILH All-Stars Honorable Mention—Katie Gordon
-ILH Coach of the Year- Stan Vincent

Intermediate-Division III—ILH Div II Intermediate Champions

Winter Sports:

Basketball-IPA Boys Varsity & Intermediate and Girls Varsity & Intermediate
Varsity Boys—Division III—DIV III CHAMPIONS
John Black MVP
Kaipo orosco first team  Mana Kaululaau hon mention
ILH Coach of the year Tai Ando
JV Boys—Division II—
Intermediate Boys—Division III—ILH Div III Champions (undefeated)

Varsity Girls—Division III-Division II Champions
ILH coach of the year  Reggie Griffin
Tia Odoardi MVP Erica Brenner first team Kira Hunkele first team
Elizabeth Lyons-Best Hon mention Peyton Pedroza Hon mention

Intermediate Girls—Division III- ILH Div III Champions

Precision Air Riflery-
Varsity- ILH 5th place
JV-ILH 3rd place
ILH coach of the year Mike axelrod
Aloha Invitational match first place varsity

Spring Sports:

Golf Varsity Girls  Alanis Sakuma tied for 3rd place in regular season varsity ILH girls golf    qualified for HHSAA State Championship

Tennis-Jade Min qualified for HHSAA State Championship
Meghan Rodick qualified for HHSAA State Championship

ILH=Interscholastic League of Honolulu
HHSAA=Hawaii High School Athletic Association