A Class of Memories


Guest post contributed by Kody Yoffee (’18)


The class of 2018 is weeks away from graduating high school. As the 2017-2018 school year comes to an end at ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY (IPA), the class of 2018 looks back at the memories made over the past four years.

The amount of diversity is the bond, and the love is the glue. The bond that the class of 2018 has created is an everlasting friendship. In middle school, not everyone was as close to each other as they are now. Now, it doesn’t matter what the class encounters, whether it be outside drama, or rough times, because they look out and care for one another.

Jonathan Ricard is one person in the class that helps hold that bond together. Ricard has been attending IPA since since seventh grade (2012). He wouldn’t have thought that he would’ve developed such strong relationships with his class.

“I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends and going to the beach because before, early in the years, we haven’t really had that bond until this year. With that being said, this year we developed that connection and were able to be comfortable with each other and build a strong bond with each other. Having conversations with everyone is what helped me understand things that everyone liked and didn’t like, which offered up the sense of comfort with everyone,” said Ricard.

Joining Ricard in seventh grade was Caleb Aki who started attending IPA halfway through the 2012-2013 school year. Over the years, Aki has continuously strengthened the relationships he has made with his class through periodic class bonding events throughout the years.

“One of my favorite memories would have to be the class bondings because it brings everyone together. It’s a lot more than just hanging out because we are learning things about people in our class that we didn’t know. I feel a lot more closer to my entire class at those times,” said Aki.

Carley Matsumoto, a full International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma candidate, has been attending IPA since 2012. As a full IB student, Matsumoto spends most of her time studying for important exams or upcoming tests she may have. Although she has little free time, Matsumoto has made the most of that time and developed bonds and memories with her class.

“One of my favorite memories was spirit week 2018 because I felt like the competitiveness our class has is what brought us together. As a class we had one common goal, which was to win and that goal is what brought us together as a class,” said Matsumoto.

Jordan Carrancho was part of the spirit week dance squad that won first place, which helped the seniors win spirit week 2018. Carrancho is one of the few seniors who has been attending IPA since the school first opened in 2004. As a founding student, Carrancho has learned many skills throughout his fourteen years, skills he hopes to take with him to college.

“I’ve learned a lot about people skills. I kind of work well with people on a professional and personal way. I also learned how to speak in front of large crowds. When I was younger I wasn’t comfortable speaking out loud mostly because I was just a shy kid, but IPA has such a small community that I slowly grew more and more comfortable with public speaking,” said Carrancho.

A year after IPA opened its doors, Shania Bravo enrolled. As the senior class president, Bravo is constantly sending emails, making announcements to her peers, and planning out class bondings and activities to do with her class.

“I’m definitely going to miss the community. I’ve been at IPA since kindergarten and I’ve found my second family here. The people in my class and everyone at IPA have supported me through tough times, celebrated with me at the best times, and always make me smile when I’m walking down the hallway. I think it’s IPA’s strongest asset,” said Bravo.

Although they’re about to head off to college, Bravo and the rest of the class of 2018 still aren’t ready to leave behind the school that has given them so much.

“I may be saying goodbye to IPA, but I’m certainly not going to be saying goodbye to the people I love. I’ve made lifelong friends,” said Bravo.