20151107 VEX IQ Corpuz Ceberano

IPA VEX IQ Robotics Team Wins Create Award at Pearl City Tournament

Island Pacific Academy’s Navigator Robotics elementary and middle school team members competed in the 2015 aio Hawaii VEX IQ Qualifying Tournament at Pearl City High School on Saturday, November 7; IPA’s newest robotics team members came home with the Create Award.

Three IPA teams operated the three robots that were designed and built by the students to compete in this year’s VEX IQ Challenge: Bank Shot.  Robotics instructor, Weyland Bailey is proud of the students. “All of our team members competed honorably and with passion throughout the day’s matches,” says Bailey.

20151107 VEX IQ Corpuz Ceberano
Ryan Corpuz (’22) and Caleb Ceberano (’23) are all smiles after IPA’s Team 4422B won the Create Award at the 2015 aio Hawaii VEX IQ Qualifying Tournament in Pearl City. Not photographed: Vox Spreg (’23).

VEX IQ robotics and its high school grade component, VEX robotics, spark interest and excitement as students try to solve an engineering challenge that is presented in the form of a game.  The format of the games in VEX IQ Challenges also fosters teamwork and collaboration within and among competing schools. In addition to building robots, the VEX IQ Robotics Challenge encourages students to actively learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics with a STEM themed research project that consists of a written or media presentation. (source: www.robotevents.com)

Bailey is especially proud that the newest and youngest Navigator VEX IQ Robotics team members Caleb Ceberano (’23), Ryan Corpuz (’22) and Vox Spreg (’23) won the Create Award for their explanation and operation of their robot design.

The Create Award is presented to the team whose robot design incorporates a creative engineering solution to the challenges of this year’s robot game.  The winning team demonstrates a highly creative engineering process that incorporates solid mechanical ability, unique design solutions, and innovative approaches to the game play. (source: www.RoboticsEducation.org)

Congratulations to all the Navigator Robotics Team members.  Imua!!

Watch a video about this year’s VEX IQ Challenge Bank Shot here.