Island Pacific Academy Annual Fund

Mahalo nui loa to all of our families, relatives, faculty and staff, friends and supporters of the school who donate each year to Island Pacific Academy’s Annual Fund.
Why an Annual Fund?  The tuition dollars the school receives annually cover only 85{ecf245a61dbeb35a782c86c44f242cdc7d98fa7632a752b76c5afca81a7454ba} of all costs for students’ education. Where does the other 15{ecf245a61dbeb35a782c86c44f242cdc7d98fa7632a752b76c5afca81a7454ba} come from?  Some comes from grants and fundraisers, but it isn’t enough.  There is still a “gap” in funds to be filled.   This is the purpose of the Annual Fund—to fill that gap. The school relies on individual donors to give what they can to help.
A gift of any amount to the Annual Fund supports the operating budget of Island Pacific Academy.  The generosity of our donors helps IPA maintain high quality programs and excellent facilities, supports faculty salaries and professional growth, and helps to augment the extracurricular programs in athletics, student activities and performing arts.
Here are a few examples from the 2014-2015 school year of what a gift to the Annual Fund can help provide:
·          Technology: Having wifi access available to students, teachers, and guests on campus helps keep learning mobile.
·          Field Trips: Seeing a play, hearing an orchestra, or visiting a museum make learning come to life for students when they take their lessons “on the road.”
·          Playtime & Physical Education: New playground balls, jump ropes, and other sporting equipment are needed every year to help keep our children active and healthy.
·          Health & Safety: Our health aides must replenish first-aid items in the health room, around the campus and also help maintain the travel first–aid bags that go along on every field trip and with each sport team.  This year we were able to add new AEDs in both buildings.
·          Professional Development: By continuing the education of our teachers through seminars, teaching resources, and guest lecturers, their skills remain current and they can be great teachers for your child.
·          Science and Technology & Design: Fresh supplies each year for science classes and technology design courses ensure every student has the opportunity for hands-on learning through experiments and with well-maintained equipment.
·          Arts Programs: Well-stocked art studios with access to paints, clay, specialty papers and more make art classes at IPA outstanding.

Our Annual Giving period runs from July 1 to June 30 of the next year.  Generally, gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted gifts, and the funds are used immediately to help bridge the difference between tuition income and the actual cost of providing the high quality program our families have come to expect.
Making a donation is easy with online giving or by sending the school a check with an Annual Fund form.
Every gift, large or small, to the Annual Fund makes a positive impact on our students.

Click here to donate online OR click here for printable Annual Fund Form

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