The IPA Legacy Continues

Island Pacific Academy is proud to welcome our second legacy student! This year 4th grader, Rhys ’32 joined IPA and is having a blast making new friends. Most of all, he’s happy to be going to the same school as his favorite uncle, Samuel Lima ’24.

Rhys’ mom, Tiara (Lima) Heater ‘10, is the second IPA alumna to enroll her child at the school where she spent her hanabata days. The first was Tasha (Nakasone) Dela Rama ‘10, who enrolled her son, Westly ’35, last year as a kindergartner. The timing was right when Heater decided to enroll Rhys at IPA. “The number one thing was God’s timing. His Uncle Sam also had a big influence on it, because they’re so close,” said Heater.

Heater fondly remembers the lifelong friendships she built with IPA students and teachers. She hopes Rhys will experience the same. “I want him to be surrounded by good people. People who will feed into him what we feed into him at home, like responsibility, taking care of the people around you, and giving back. I know he can find that here,” shared Heater.

When we spoke about IPA parent volunteer opportunities, Heater lit up. “It’s my kuleana to give back as well because that’s what I’m teaching Rhys. I have a responsibility now as an IPA parent, not just as a graduate. This is why we’re here,” she said.

As for her brother Samuel, who she describes as thoughtful and patient, she admittedly offers more advice than he wants. “I told him, ‘Be in the moment. You’re in it, you realize it’s over and then you miss it, and then it’s gone,” she shared. “He’s got such a big heart. The biggest thing I want him to do this year is to put himself first, think about what he wants, and what his future looks like,” said Heater.

The Lima lineage at IPA doesn’t stop at Samuel. They have a cousin, Grayce Lima-Naki ‘24 who will graduate this spring as well. Then there’s Heater’s and Samuel’s siblings who are IPA alumni, Chandellaine “Mele” Lima ’11, and Iokepa Lima ’13. “The unique thing about IPA is they’re family oriented. They’re about keeping families together and bringing in new generations,” said Heater. “All of my siblings came here together and you feel comforted being surrounded by your family,” she continued.

As the number of legacy students grows, we are happy knowing that together, across the generations, IPA families I Mua Me Ka Haʻaheo, Go Forward With Confidence.