Some of the IPA science fair winners

IPA Student Scientists Showcase their Research at Science Fair

Seven ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY middle school students were recognized for their outstanding science fair projects at the annual, and first ever virtual, ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY Middle School Science Fair in February. Honored with a special certificate of award, the top seven students were Jaron Alarcon ‘27, William Meyermann ‘26, Xander Nicholson ‘26, Rory Madison Pulawa Yadao ‘27, Zoe Murata ‘26, Braxtyn Montalbo ‘26, and Mila Dul ‘26.

These seven students, and 19 other Grade 6 and 7 students, advanced to the Hawai’i Association of Independent Schools (HAIS) Virtual District Science Fair held February 20 – March 10. Meyermann ‘26 captured first place and top honors at the HAIS Virtual District Science Fair in the Junior Division in Engineering Mechanics with his project “Hurricanes vs. Houses: How Will Your Roof Stand Up to a Hurricane?”

Meyermann, Savitri Dube ‘26, Zoe Murata ‘26, Bostyn Tsukamoto ‘26, Emma Bello ‘26, Hannah Phan ‘26, and Danielle Okimoto ‘26 all moved on to compete in the 2021 Hawai’i State Science & Engineering Fair (HSSEF) in April. Participants in the HSSEF are eligible to win cash, scholarships, and other awards and the opportunity to represent the state of Hawai’i at the International Science & Engineering Fair held in May.

Congratulations to all our Navigator scientists!

The student scientists and their projects were:

  • Jaron Alarcon ‘27 – “2019-nCoV: The Work of the Virus Behind the Pandemic”
  • Ronan Aragon ‘27 – “Effectiveness of plant-based sunscreen vs. chemical and mineral sunscreen”
  • Chloe Biletnikoff ‘27 – “How do you demagnetize a magnet?”
  • Hannah Phan ‘26 – “Do heavier objects actually fall faster?”
  • Ronin Ridgely ‘27 – “Effects of solar water distillation on the observable chemical characteristics of different sources of water”
  • Lexari Rule ‘27 – “Effect of age on fetching speed in dogs”
  • Boedy Tapia ‘27 – “How can drones be used to benefit people around the world?”
  • Jacqueline Arvman ‘26 – “The cream of the clean”
  • Caitlyn Bedford ‘26 – “Does wearing a mask affect your exercise?”
  • Mila Dul ‘26 – “How much germs do I spread?”
  • William Meyermann ‘26 – “Hurricanes vs. houses”
  • Zoe Murata ‘26 – “Rate of plant growth in organic vs. inorganic fertilizers”
  • Xander Nicholson ‘26 – “How golf club velocity is related to drive distance”
  • Bostyn Tsukamoto ‘26 – “Which commercial brand hand soap works best?”
  • Logan Pinard ‘26 and Ezra Yates ‘26 – “3D at home”
  • Emma Bello ‘26 – “Comparison between painters tape and other tapes on preventing paint bleed”
  • Zhayla Carreiro ‘26 – “Electroplating: which metal is easiest and lasts longest?”
  • Savitri Dube ‘26 – “Can our sense of smell change the flavor of food?”
  • Braxtyn Montalbo ‘26 – “Relationship between Jackson’s chameleon tongue length and hunting success”
  • Danielle Okimoto ‘26 – “Light wavelength and rate of plant growth”
  • Keani Kaonohiokalanikoholua ‘26 – “How does the composition of glaciers around the world affect their melting?”
  • Eliseo Hayes ‘27 – “Tomato plant growth rates in soil vs. water”
  • Rory Madison Pulawa Yadao ‘27 – “Can differently flowering plants be grafted to create a multicolored flowering plant?”
  • Ri Ann Martin ‘26
  • Aiden Tan ‘27