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Exchange students with host families.

Our Friendships with IPA’s Sister School in Sendai, Japan

  This article is contributed by Akiko Taira, a Japanese Department Chair at Island Pacific Academy.   This year has been the third year since ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY officially signed ...
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Students at airport before trip

Alpaca Your Bags, We’re Going to Peru!

  Guest post contributed by Zara Araki ('18) Once a year, ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY (IPA) holds an educational excursion that all eighth grade and high school students can participate in. ...
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IPA students going to science fair.

The Science Behind Science Fair

  Guest post contributed by Kira Hunkele ('18)   Every year, ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY (IPA) has an annual science fair for grades 6-8. Even though the preparation for science fair ...
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Cast and crew of Mulan Jr.

Cast, Crew and Ms. Dul: The Heart Behind Mulan Jr.

  Guest post contributed by Bethany Higa ('18)   Every year, ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY’s (IPA) Drama Department produces a spring musical. The cast and crew, made up of secondary students, ...
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IPA students participate in Global Issues Day

GIN Aims to Make IPA a More Sustainable Place

  Guest post contributed by Bethany Higa ('18)   ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY (IPA) has many clubs. The Global Issues Network (GIN) is one club aiming to make a difference in ...
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Japan exchange students with IPA students

The Unforgettable Japanese Exchange Program

  Guest post contributed by Kira Hunkele (ʻ18)   In January, ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY (IPA), continued the exchange program with their sister school Sendai Ikuei Gakuen (SIG), located in Northeastern ...
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