Design and Innovation Help Students Compete in VEX Robolympics

Secondary students in Dr. Widmer’s VEX Robotics class are enjoying the competition in ISLAND PACIFIC ACADEMY’s first ever VEX Robolympics. Competing in four events (track, basketball, fencing, and wrestling), the students must design and construct robots specific to the requirements and skills needed for each event.

In track, the robots will try to complete four laps around a race track in the fastest time possible. In the first round, students will drive the robot using a controller, and in the second round, the students must program the robot to complete the race autonomously. For basketball, the robots will need to maneuver as many buckyballs as possible into a basket. The students are challenged to build a claw or other manipulator to allow their robot to pick up objects. The fencing event is a one-on-one challenge, in which the robots try to trigger a bumper sensor on their opponent. And for the wrestling event, the robots must autonomously push their opponent out of the ring.

Through these fun challenges, Dr. Widmer is providing the robotics students with opportunities to learn valuable skills in problem-solving, troubleshooting, research and development, and invention and innovation.

Follow the progress of the VEX Robolympics here.